Bitcoins flowing now into the digital money

B. Haas and A. Zehbe, Euro am Sonntag

, the US corporate brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss believe in the power of the networks. Thus they have become billionaires. First paid Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2011 the twins 20 million US dollars in cash because he is said Bitcoin Code to have the idea for the social platform of them stolen. Two years later declared the day 36-year-olds, of which eleven million in Bitcoins to have invested. The course stood at 120 dollars. Bitcoins are “better than gold”And the” potentially largest social network, “she justified their purchase – and were ridiculed Today, one Bitcoin is trading at 17,000 dollars, and the brothers hoard converted about $ 1.5 billion in its digital wallet..

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Now no one mocks more. The story fascinated the greed 100% proof – Make money with Bitcoin Code of investors is aroused. They pump money into the small market and drive prices. In January, a Bitcoin cost no dollars 1,000. By a staggering 2,000 percent more than the value has increased since then. Least because professional investors can put on certificates officially on the stock exchange on the cryptocurrency since last weekend in the US, without having to buy Bitcoins. The rush was so great that the website of the provider CBOE collapsed temporarily. This weekend draws the Chicago Certificates House CME with a Future after Nasdaq index providers and hedge fund Man Groupwant to follow. The Frankfurt certificate exchange Eurex also reflects on futures – contracts evidencing the delivery of Bitcoins at a given date and pre-determined price.

Bitcoin Code as a new Internet

Record high following the record high, despite occasional setbacks, the price does not change its basic direction so far. The calls Crash prophet on the scene. “Everything points to a blistering back,” says Stefan Biel Meier, DZ Bank chief economist. “With Bitcoins has given us an unique opportunity to the emergence, growth and bursting witness a speculative bubble in real-time and high-speed,” says Manfred Huebner, CEO of the consulting firm Sentix. Robert Halver, chief analyst at Baader Bank,

feels reminiscent of the dot-com bubble that burst at the beginning of the millennium. Then vast amounts of small Internet companies entering the market, a few of them established themselves. Internet was considered a technology of the future. Who wrote the word about its business model, found investors fast. The same is true today for the block chain, the technology behind Bitcoin. About 1,300 of these decentralized networks exist currently and each checking additionally of them has its own cryptocurrency, examples of which are ethers or Dash. That the technology is trendsetting

, About everyone agrees. With it, values such as Bitcoins, but also shares or contracts can be safely transferred between two people and verified. Intermediaries such as banks in the money business, Mietportale, brokers or taxi providers like Uber could thus become superfluous. So block chains are a real threat for a variety of business models. This is what the current hype about Bitcoins no longer at. “Many people are hoping for here quick money and invest premature,” said Mark Preuss, CEO of Bitcoin BTC blogs echo. Many investors did not know on what they put their money. You should enter only with a sum whose loss does not hurt. When the correction comes, no one knows

, So the nervousness grows. In Berlin this week, developers have unveiled an app called “Bitcoin bubble burst”, investors should provide early warning. Capital market expert Halver believes that there is some point to the break: “If the price three days at a stretch, panic sets in.” The new certificates positions on falling prices in the portfolios of US hedge funds would accelerate the downward trend. As with the bursting of the dotcom bubble.

Bitcoin as a currency

Hendrik Leber, Managing Director of the fund house Acatis and one of the few institutional investors in Germany, which are invested, still sleeping quietly. Bitcoins have recently responded more robust to negative news, such as a ban on the issuance of new crypto currencies (ICO, see glossary) by the Chinese government. he sees the entry of other professional investors positive: After violent fluctuations, the market would stabilize. If the first index funds come to the market, which would give the Bitcoin a further boost. Then a wide audience of investors in a regulated form only from the network operators, the access Miner, controlled cryptocurrency.

Among others, the Winklevoss brothers have tried in the spring to let approve an ETF on Bitcoin base by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Also, US investment house Thundgot has ventured a foray. But the market watchdogs in New York blared from the proposals. First Bitcoins should be regulated investable. With the wave of futures that are now coming to market, this requirement could be met. “The fact that index funds come on the market, that is only a matter of time,” Acatis boss says liver. He believes that the course can be quite six digits. But his faith goes beyond pure price speculation. “Bitcoins can be an alternative to central bank currencies.”

Thus the anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto had planned. His 2008 published concept paper is a response to the financial crisis. Before the still unknown developers dismissed the first block in the chain 3 January 2009, he wrote a reference in to the UK, where banks had been bailed out with tax money previously for the second time. Bitcoin should allow people worldwide to create money themselves in a democratic system and manage.

Beer against Bitcoins

Restaurateur Jörg Platzer alive the idea in his pub Room 77 in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. Guests pay beer and burgers since 2011 at will in Bitcoin or euros. Most recently, he was able to benefit from rising prices. The bar is one of the first Bitcoin acceptance locations worldwide. A total of approximately 9,000 inpatient customers are known. The number of online traders is estimated at about 100,000. Five to ten percent of its sales come from Platzer it. “I am convinced that Bitcoins will prevail,” says the idealist. He is a supporter of the utopia of a digital cash system that originated in the so-called Cypher punk movement of the late 80s. To make Bitcoins acceptable, the restaurateur has moved dealers in his neighborhood to join in and installed them their own Zahlungsapp. ”

That increasingly, investors would take place of conviction, annoyed him but. The new customer did not want to continue to develop the block chain, but merely tips to gamble. Monetary authorities recommend anyway. “Due to strong rate fluctuations, Bitcoin is not a store of value,” said Bundesbank board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele to € uro am Sonntag. While Thiele admits facing the development of Bitcoin in the financial crisis: “It remains an ongoing task for the central banks and for the entire fiscal policy, trust in our money and our financial system to strengthen.” But the euro system would ensure a stable euro. When buying a Bitcoins is, however,

A total loss is possible. For example, if it turns out that the block chain can be hacked. Or if a better system is developed. In this race, Bitcoin is not considered a favorite. Already, the block chain is reaching its limits. Coping with the transactions often takes hours to complete, the fees rise at high loads up to 20 euros. A few days ago, the first payment Chanel has come to market with Lightning Network. This is a service that bundles transactions and can offer more favorable. However, the Bitcoin community arguing for years about how to improve the block chain. If it finds a solution before another cryptocurrency the Bitcoin runs the rank is questionable. Also why the Bitcoin remains highly speculative.